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Zoe Sullivan at Next City wrote an excellent article featuring our own Sylvia Chi and Paul Pryde, along with Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan, Cathy Jackson-Gent of Global Investment Company (authors of the feasibility study), and YaVette Holts of Bay Area Organization of Black-Owned Businesses. Sullivan has a great grasp on what matters to us. Here’s  YaVette … Read moreIn the News

Awesome Divestment Article — by one of our own

Sylvia Chi, who has been laboring in the fields of public bank governance as part of our governance committee, has written an excellent article on divestment from fossil fuels for Yes! Magazine. [Despite] the Trump administration’s multipronged effort to undercut environmental protections and boost fossil fuel production and use, which would exacerbate climate change. States, … Read moreAwesome Divestment Article — by one of our own

News from New Jersey, Video from Los Angeles

Newly elected New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has already arranged for two state senators to propose legislation which moves his public bank campaign promises forward. How rare is that? Directly following [Murphy’s] swearing in last week, State Senators Nia Gill and Richard Codey introduced the State Bank of New Jersey Act at the beginning of … Read moreNews from New Jersey, Video from Los Angeles

2017 Changes to 2018: Public Banking Surges

Next City calls public banking the best urban trend of 2017 Bye Wells Fargo, Hello Public Banks In the wake of former Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf’s disastrous 2016 testimony before the U.S. Senate, Philadelphia began exploring divestment. This year, the city joined the ranks of Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond and San Francisco in moving forward … Read more2017 Changes to 2018: Public Banking Surges

People Are Talking about Public Banking!

The amazing Ellen Brown has been talking about public banking for years. She has published two excellent brand-new articles in the last couple of weeks. How Public Ownership Could Revive Community Banks: You don’t expect Ellen Brown (or any of us) to be favorably quoting the current Treasury Secretary, Stephen Mnuchin, but for once we … Read morePeople Are Talking about Public Banking!