What Is That Leaf in Our Logo?

picture of pallid manzanita bloominb

We chose a pallid manzanita (Arctostaphylos pallida) for our logo. The pallid manzanita, also known as Alameda manzanita and Oakland Hills manzanita, only grows in a relatively small area of the East Bay Hills (on both the east and west hillsides). It is fire-adapted, and can grow to 13 feet in height, even on what looks to us like barren ground. Like the people of the East Bay, it is endangered by development, gentrification, and carelessness for the value of life.

Pallid manzanita flower (white bells).

We support the flowering of a movement that will protect the pallid manzanita, and other local flora and fauna, including ourselves. We will protect ourselves from the depredations of the Wall Street banks and the 1%.