California Public Banking Alliance Takes Sacramento by Storm

The all-day meeting is over; the lobbying is about to begin

On April 7, about 20 members of the California Public Banking Alliance met in Sacramento to prepare for an intensive lobby day on April 8. The group discussed the history and current situation with our statewide bill, AB 857, which is enabling legislation for cities, counties, and regions of California to form public banks.

The afternoon was spent intensively preparing for 21 (!) separate scheduled meetings with legislators and other stakeholders, all on April 8. Meetings were planned with members of the three key Assembly committees that have to move the bill forward (Banking & Finance, Local Government, and Appropriations), as well as other important figures in the process. Talking points were firmed up, specific attendees for each meeting were identified, experienced activists led role-plays, and a productive time was had by all.

Hearings on the bill are scheduled in two weeks: April 22 with the Banking & Finance committee and April 24 with the Local Government Committee. We need a majority of votes in both committees, and in Appropriations the following week, or the bill will never come to the Assembly floor.

If planning, determination, and preparation can make it happen, we will win!

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